The Landsteiner Foundation for Blood Transfusion Research (LSBR) supports clinical and experimental scientific research in the field of blood, blood-forming tissue, blood products, and blood (related) diseases, provided that the research bears a relationship to the field of transfusion or transplantation of blood cells.

The Board of the Landsteiner Foundation for Blood Transfusion Research announces that Pre-Applications for Scientific Research Projects can be submitted.

Standard forms for pre-applications can be downloaded: Download pre-application form

The pre-application period closes on Monday 1 February 2019, 23:59
hours. See important dates.

Only one pre-application per applicant will be allowed. Only electronic submission.

LSBR Fellowship 2019

In addition to proposals for project grants, it is also possible to submit proposals for an LSBR fellowship.

Starting in 2019 there are two programs that alternate each year.
One for junior researchers (odd years) and one for senior researchers (even years).

These fellowships, over a period of five years, are intended for creative and enthusiastic researchers trying to establish a new research line (junior program) or extend the line of their research (senior program).

Please find additional information on the program the download page: Fellowship Program 2019 »

Please contact the bureau of the LSBR if you are intended to write a pre-application for a fellowship grant. Contact Bureau LSBR »

Submission of Applications for Scientific Research Projects 2018 is closed.

Decisions by the Boards of the LSBR (in Dutch) can be found on the page of our Annual Report 2017 » (in Dutch).