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On February 8, 2024, it is ten years ago that Els Borst (1931-2014) was murdered. In the "2Doc: The Legacy of Els Borst," directors Jessica van Tijn and Pamela Sturhoofd highlighted the remarkable career and life of the former Minister of Health. The film created a tangible image of Els Borst as both a politician and a person, focusing on her legacy and the tragic end of her life.

The documentary was partly based on conversations with people who knew her well, including her daughter Andra Neefjes-Borst, Roger van Boxtel, Rob Oudkerk, Wanda de Kanter, and Alexander Pechtold. They outlined her character, beliefs, impressive knowledge of the medical world, and the passion with which Borst dedicated herself to Dutch society for many years. In these conversations, they shared their own experiences with Els Borst and highlighted the impact of her work, such as the subsidy scheme for new HIV inhibitors and her commitment to the euthanasia law and the right to abortion. '2Doc: The Legacy of Els Borst' has been broadcast on Thursday, February 8th at 10:20 PM on BNNVARA on NPO 2. Missed it? You can watch the documentary via this link:,bijdragen%20aan%20de%20Nederlandse%20samenleving.

In addition to her successes, Els Borst also faced major challenges, including the parliamentary inquiry surrounding the Bijlmer disaster. The documentary explored how she dealt with opposing opinions and what this did to her personally.

‘The Legacy of Els Borst’ was supported by unique archival material. Countless debates and interviews had been preserved. Additionally, the creators were granted access to part of the Borst family's private archive. This allowed important events in Els Borst's life, which impacted her existence and actions, to be highlighted.

Fighting for her ideals ultimately became fatal for Els Borst. Ten years ago, she was murdered in the garage of her home in Bilthoven. The perpetrator, a psychiatric patient, confessed to doing this because of her work on the euthanasia law. “Els Borst was murdered because of her beliefs,” declared prominent members of D66. It was the first time the murder of Borst had been so firmly recognized as a political assassination by party members.

'2Doc: The Legacy of Els Borst' is a production of Special Eyes Productions.

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