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E-cadherin controls erythropoiesis; a novel avenue to treat anemia.

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Micha Nethe



Each second the bone marrow produces millions of red blood cells (RBCs). Aging-associated bone marrow diseases disturb this process leading to anemia thereby generating significant health issues. Chronic anemic patients receive blood transfusions that temporarily restore their RBC counts to a healthy threshold. Prolonged transfusion support during treatment of chronic anemia, increases however the risk of transfusion-related health complications. To prevent pathophysiological effects of chronic transfusion, patients with chronic anemia require additional treatment options to reduce transfusion support. These treatments would be based on the stimulation of the patients own production of RBCs that can be applied in combination with the support of blood cell transfusions. This research therefore aims to improve our understanding into the regulation of RBC production in bone marrow during anemia to develop novel treatment options to treat patients with chronic anemia

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