Summaries LSBR projects

For the LSBR projects that have been finished since 2015 you can find summaries here. This list of summaries will gradually expand.
For an overview of the all projects since 1999, please see: list of LSBR projects

Grants 2012

Dissection of immunomodulatory mechanisms affecting adoptive transfer of peripheral blood derived-tumor reactive T cells in combination with low-dose IFN-alpha as treatment for advanced melanoma (LSBR 1207)
Project leader: Dr. ir. Els M.E. Verdegaal, Dept. of Clinical Oncology, LUMC, Leiden, Prof. Dr. Sjoerd. H. van der Burg (co-applicant), Dept. of Clinical Oncology, LUMC, Leiden, Prof. Dr. John B.A.G. Haanen (co-applicant), Dept. of Medical Oncology, Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam

Gatekeepers of the vasculature; regulation of exocytosis by syntaxin binding proteins (LSBR 1244)
Project leader: Dr. ir. Ruben Bierings, Dept. of Plasma Proteins, Sanquin Research, Amsterdam

Grants 2011

The effects of Hypoxia-inducible factor 1α (Hif-1α) on the development of hemogenic endothelium, hematopoietic stem cells and the supportive microenvironment (LSBR 1109)
Project leader: Prof. dr. Elaine Dzierzak, Dept. of Cell Biology, Stem Cell Institute, Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam

Epigenetics in neutrophil biology: from transcriptome to granulocyte transfusions (LSBR 1121)
Project leader: Prof. Dr. Taco W. Kuijpers, Dept. of Pediatrics, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam

Regulation of functional differences between cord blood versus adult peripheral blood innate cells (LSBR 1128)
Project leader: Prof. Dr. Reina E. Mebius, Dept. of Molecular Cell Biology and Immunology, VU Medical Center, Amsterdam

Next Generation Sequencing in extremes to identify functional genetic variants affecting red blood cell volume (LSBR 1133)
Project leader: Prof. Dr. Pim van der Harst, Dept. of Genetics, University Medical Center Groningen, Groningen

Blood and Beyond: improving properties of human virus-specific CD8+ T cells for adoptive immunotherapy (LSBR 1136)
Project leader: Prof. Dr. René A.W. van Lier, Dept. of Hematopoiesis, Adaptive Immunity Lab, Sanquin Research, Amsterdam

Grants 2010

Dynamic fibrin clot formation: a haemostatic process involving multiple blood components and a possible surrogate end point for transfusion (LSBR 1006)
Project leader: Prof. Dr. Johan W. M. Heemskerk, Dept. of Biochemistry, CARIM, Maastricht University

T cell modulation of hematopoiesis (LSBR 1014) FELLOWSHIP
Project leader: Dr. Martijn A. Nolte, Dept. of Hematopoiesis, Adaptive Immunity Lab, Sanquin Research, Amsterdam

Neutrophil killing: a reappraisal of granulocyte transfusions for patients with fungal infections (LSBR 1019)
Project leader: Prof. Dr. Taco W. Kuijpers, Dept. of Pediatrics, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam

Role of the microtubule network in the generation and expansion of the first hematopoietic stem cells (LSBR 1025)
Project leader: Dr. ir. Niels Galjart, Dept. of Cell Biology & Genetics, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam and Dr. Catherine Robin (co-applicant), Hubrecht Institute, Utrecht

The molecular basis of leukocyte transendothelial migration: from intracellular GEFs to intercellular gaps (LSBR 1028) FELLOWSHIP
Project leader: Dr. Jaap D. van Buul, Dept. of Molecular Cell Biology, Sanquin Research, Amsterdam

Amelioration of sickle cell disease and β-thalassemia: reactivation of γ-globin gene expression (LSBR 1040)
Project leader: Dr. Thamar Van Dijk, Dr. J.N.J. Philipsen (co-applicant), Prof. Dr. F. Grosveld (co-applicant), Dept. of Cell Biology, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam

Grants 2009

The impact of cholesterol metabolism on megakaryopoiesis and platelet production (LSBR 0912) FELLOWSHIP
Project leader: Dr. Suzanne J.A. Korporaal, Dept. of Clinical Chemistry and Haematology, University Medical Center Utrecht and Prof. Dr. Miranda van Eck, Division Biopharmaceutics, LACDR

Grants 2008

Genome Wide Association Study (GWAS) to identify genetic risk factors for blood group alloimmunisation (LSBR 0820)
Project leader: Prof. Dr. C.E. van der Schoot, Dept. of Experimental Immunohematology, Sanquin, Amsterdam, Prof. Dr. W.H. Ouwehand (co-applicant), Dept. of Medicine, Cambridge, United Kingdom) and Prof. Dr. A. Brand (co-applicant), Transfusion Medicine, LUMC, Leiden